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I have had the pleasure and honor to serve as State Representative for the towns of Ripton, Cornwall, Goshen, Hancock, Leicester, and Salisbury since 2003.

My work in the statehouse focuses on making sure that our rural communities remain strong and vital even as our economy and society change.

These small towns that we live in are such a treasure.  For generations our local schools, town halls, churches, fire houses, and community houses have provided strong and stable communities in which to raise our families.

It’s no secret, however, that the world we’ve known is changing.  We need to make sure that we adjust our approach to the changing environment and economy so that we can thrive in the 21st century the same way we have over the past couple hundred years.

We’ve made these transformations before.  The first settlers turned a wilderness into an agricultural powerhouse.  We harnessed the rivers to participate in the industrial age.  And we are pushing the internet out into small towns now so that we can actively engage in the new economy of the information age.

Some of my priorities include:

•Making sure that our public education system provides excellent opportunity to kids in all of our communities.

•Developing an energy portfolio that dramatically reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

•A health care system that maintains and improves every Vermonter’s health without placing anyone in financial peril.

•A clean and healthy environment; one that sustains us and all of the plants and animals we live with.

•A new farm and forest economy focused on creating and providing value added farm and forest products for local consumption and for export.

I appreciate your past support.  I hope that I can continue to win your confidence in the future.




Legislative service:

•Assistant Majority Leader, 2011-2012

•House Government Operations Committee, 2011-2012.

•Joint Committee on Judicial Retention, 2005-2012, vice-chair, 2007-2008, chair, 2009-2010.

•House Judiciary Committee, 2003-2010

•Participating member in:  House Democratic Caucus; Rural Economic Development Working Group (REDWG) and Working Vermonters Caucus.

Community involvement:

•Ripton School Board, vice chair

•Addison County Regional Planning Commission, past-town delegate.

•Vermont Audubon, past board member

•Moosalamoo Association, past board member